The Library

The Library.  Another Page to tinker with! This will be a depository of all the books I read, have read and want to get to…It’s mostly Lists under Categories. I may spend the rest of my life doing this page. And I haven’t even gotten to a Music Room yet!!! This is a work in progress: it’s going to take me a month just to work out the categories…

Dressage Books

Riding Logic~Wilhelm Mueseler  This is a favorite of mine! I return to it again and again to refresh my mental riding skills and to measure my progress. Clear explanations, good illustrations, love the boxes with the sketches. Super Book!

Dressage DVDs’

Horse Care

General Horse Books

Horse Related Fiction



Contemporary Fiction

The Summer We Read Gatsby ~ Danielle Ganek ~ I must confess that I picked this book up as it is set in my beloved Hamptons. I then proceeded to devour it whole. Great summer reading. Loved the sisters. I kept thinking I knew them very well…

Water for Elephants ~ Sara Gruen ~  Thought it quite wonderful! Many people have told me it’s their favorite book. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite but I highly recommend it!

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Any and all writings of Charles De Lint ~ If you haven’t had the pleasure, do begin your journey with Moonheart! You won’t regret it!!!!

The Passage ~ Justin Cronin ~ I’m only a third of the way through….fabulous…post-apocolyptic theme using a vampiric virus and that’s all I’m telling you…it’s a must read!!!



Architecture & Interiors

Politics & Religion



Wine, Food, & Entertaining


Fitness & Nutrition



[note bene…alphabetize]

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