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This past January, I welcomed a new mare into the herd! Delhia {AKA Lhia} is a 2003 17 hand Oldenburg by Domiro {Donnerhall} out of a Wolkenstein II {Weltmeyer} mare. She’s a powerful, elegant girl who is keeping me on my toes. This horse has the most “go” of any horse I have ever owned and is more sensitive as well. A little greener than I expected to buy, I must admit, it’s exciting to participate in her learning to be uphill and really using that incredible hind end she has. She’s going to be another great teacher for me!!!


Thanks to Blue Waters Farm, I now have some photos of Huzaar, AKA Charly Brown. He’s a 1989 16.2, KWPN dark bay gelding by Variant out of an Argentinius mare. He was my very first dressage horse and the second horse that I ever owned. Full of talent, fun, character, silliness…he could make me laugh everyday of the week. He was shown through Prix St. Georges by a former trainer and I showed him through Second. He was the kind of horse that the judges nearly always rewarded with great scores, even when the inept beginner {ME!} was partnering him. Definitely a handful, but never never dirty! He would leap into a capriole just for the joy of it, taking the rider with him. And you would never know when he’d do it. He was totally inappropriate for me but I loved him to death. His canter made me feel like a god when I rode him. He was regretfully retired at 16 when advancing ringbone made it increasingly difficult to keep him sound. He lives on breeding farm in Maryland where he has a harem of mares to shepherd as well as a new “daughter” to foster. I miss him everyday and  it elicits a smile from me as soon as his name is mentioned!


My sweet girl’s nickname is Rafi….I bought this lovely 16.3 Bavarian Warmblood mare in March 2008. She’s by Piaster {Pik Bube} and out of a Rasso {Ramiro} mare. It’s a testament to her good character that a month later we were in the show ring placing second. She’s a very kind, willing, yet laid back mare who has competed through Intermediaire I. She has “to die for” lateral work and lovely relaxed piaffe and passage.  Hoping to have more photos with the new camera once I’m in Florida….but for now: 

Rafi and I showing in Florida 2008

Rafi & Me ~ Florida 2010


I’ve owned her since she was a yearling.  She’s been in the show ring since birth!  She is my pride and joy with a show record that I will restrain myself from polishing in public. Extremely intelligent, alpha, confident, bomb proof  but not really an amateur’s ride,  she teaches me to be absolutely correct!  She takes no prisoners. You either ride her very well or don’t bother getting on. Suffice it to say that my trainer campaigns her as I work on developing the elusive independent seat that Callista insists upon!  Born in 2002, she’s a Contucci out of  A Jungle Prince mare……this makes her actually Hanoverian/Trakehner….aaaaahhhhh, those warmblood lines and registries…also 16.3 hands, she’s registered Oldenburg/ISR. 

winning the FEI Four Year Old National Title 2006

This is Callista riding into glory as a four year old in 2006. The rider is the very talented trainer Tami Glover…..

Callista and Jen Griger  Windy Hollow July 2011 Fourth Level

This is Jen Griger riding Callista at Fourth Level in July 2011.

Still searching for phots of the late, great Sitni!

13 thoughts on “My Horses”

  1. The Christmas horse has lovely movement!

  2. Yes…I think he has a ton of potential…and he’s such a good boy!

  3. geekwithahorse said:

    Wow! What amazing horses you have!

    • Thankyou so much {please picture me beaming at you}….I am so totally in awe of where I find myself in horse ownership….I love them so very much!!!

  4. Oh what gorgeous horses you have 🙂 I’m looking forward to following you all on your journey.

    • Thank you!!!! {Beaming with joy}! I love my little herd…..they are what gets me out of bed, gets me doing cardio, gets me to the gym, ….in short, they just get me!

  5. Lovely horses!

  6. Thanks Eva…have actually sold Arie on. Need to update this Page!!!:)

  7. Rafi is amazing!

  8. Tami Glover boards around the corner (or two) from me. Amazing the connections you can make on the internet.

  9. Hi Leslie,
    I just happened to see a pic of Sitni on some of the old pages of my trainer’s webiste, just look toward the bottom of the page. Your horses look great!

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