slow motion stream

24 April, 2010 ~ This page is devoted to the other ramblings I might want to share….there will be no rhyme or reason to this area of my blog….you could consider it “notes from the Renaissance” or “musings from a third childhood.” At any rate…it’s a slow motion stream of consciousness!

Good example…I am obsessed with the Twilight series just now! I know, I know!…it’s supposed to be a teen thing….just the same, I’m a huge fan of the whole franchise….Rob Pattinson makes me think about women who are cougars…yes, that’s funny, but true…I’m watching New Moon as I write this…

25 April, 2010 ~ It’s late at night and I”m missing the DH who has to be up in NY on business. Tomorrow I must start packing for the move. We close on the fourth of May….doesn’t seem possible! Rereading Eclipse just now…guess I’m still streaming Twilight, tee-hee. I’m alternating that with movies and listening to the Coffeehouse on Sirius….need to get some Indigo Girls Cd’s…watched Pacino’s Jack Kervourkian on HBO tonight…great performance and haunting debate on the right to die…good movie with great supporting cast. Before that I watched Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood…talk about contrasts…time for bed…

6 June, 2010 ~ Home Sweet Home!!! Got back from Florida yesterday and am loving being back in NY! Did a ton of upacking and organizing today. Off to watch Something’s Gotta Give to get my Hamptons’ groove back…

16 June, 2010 ~ reading “The Passage” by Justin Cronin…fabulous. Had dinner alone with a book { the aforementioned “Passage”} at the most wonderful bistro called, “Le Charlot,” on the east side of Manhattan… felt like I was in Europe…just divine…

18 June, 2010 ~ got out here to the house and my hydrangeas are “blueing”and my lavender walk which I began last Fall and finished last week, looks amazing!!!!

29 June, 2010 ~ I think I may name my {as yet} undeveloped horse property “Bella Blue Farm”…..or “Bella Blu Farm.” I’ve decided that I need an Ipod. I have a hankering to create playlists….

21 July, 2010 ~ Now playing with Blue Gansett Farm as a name. In honor, of course, of my beloved Amagansett and my favorite color… Did get an Ipod and now have playlists to put on my music page. Today I rode the best half passes in my life. Rafi was straight, lively, and obedient! Where was this on Sunday at the show?

23 July, 2010 ~ Basing my new healthier lifestyle on the Mayo Clinic plan….feeling VERY motivated!

24 July, 2010 ~ Two days into healthy eating and I already feel better!  Got a solid hour of cardio in…..hmmmm, time for a new page for this!

12 August 2010 ~ A childhood friend died from complications of cancer the day before yesterday. Debbie was a true childhood friend. Our mothers pushed us in baby carriages side by side. I can’t remember not knowing her. She was my “horse buddy.” Of course we had no horses, not even the money for lessons, as we grew up in a relatively low income working class neighborhood. We were tomboys in the dirt. We had imaginery stables filled with glorious stallions. We mounted stick horses when we were super young and as we grew this morphed into gymkhanas, horse shows, puissance jump offs! I could never beat her at this as she was such an athlete, even then. As we hit puberty, the horse stuff didn’t die, but music, art, the sixties were added to our time together through high school. I went off to college and she married her high school boyfriend. We drifted apart but my oldest brother married her oldest sister, so she was there in the background to check in about and to wonder how life was going….we reconnected about decade ago. We both had real horses then. I had my first, a spooky quarterhorse. She had gotten to horse ownership before me and was riding Friesians. She looked good. I found out that she had already had a bout with cancer but was in remission and riding again. We met at one of my younger brother’s home at a rare full family gathering and I remember happily confiding in her of my dream of getting a warmblood. I saw her about a year later at a big show in Ellinville, NY. I was showing my first true dressage horse at training level. Right after I rode in that scary umbrella riddled ring, I exited and was admiring a young Friesian. Out from under a twirling umbrella a voice asked, “Leslie???” And it was Debbie, who was so thrilled that I had finally come by the warmblood of my dreams {my retiree, Charly}….She looked great and totally like she was still 16. I would have known her anywhere. We kept in touch through our sisters and brothers.  I knew she had several recurrences of the cancer, each one more debilitating than the last. For the last seven months she was in and out of the hospital, but at the beginning of the summer infections set in, which her depleted immune system could not fight off. I know that she suffered terribly from all the edited accounts I have received. Last week the family gathered and they thought maybe, she was getting stronger again. But it was not to be. My mom called me the night before last, pretty shaken, to tell me she was gone. I know that I have no adult memories of her beyond the two horse encounters but I am saddened beyond belief that my childhood friend and horse buddy is gone…..the world seems an emptier place tonight….

14 August 2010 ~ Didn’t end up going to Gladstone but had a lovely day, culminating with dinner at the 1770 House with my husband…..miss my horses but am happy to be here…

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