This time the second ride was the charm. Waterford is my Rolls Royce. And we did it. No objections. I had to tap his shoulder to remind him not to fall in. But that was it. He’s soft, responsive, comfy, TALL. Can you feel the joy? We will simply add on to this walk until I feel comfortable and then we will pick up the trot. His canter will wait until his transitions are a little more confirmed.

Ive never sat on any horse this comfortable. And you feel his intelligence instantly! He’s the most like Callista of all my horses. That brain is sharp and quick. But it’s sensible and trusting. That’s the element I want to preserve so I will take my time. Jen gets to do the hard work and I get the rewards for now. But I feel confident that we will have a lovely partnership.

I have to use the four step mounting block. But it’s ok. As long as he stops growing.

Do they make a five step?

Love this horse!!!