A Serious Adult Amateur Dressage Rider

Rafi and I at our first show together

rafi and I at our first show together

This is Raphaela, my Intermediaire I Bavarian Warmblood Mare competing in Florida, April 2008. Wish I could say I was Intermediaire I, but I’m working on it!!!  I am a serious adult amateur Dressage rider. I own four horses, one of whom is retired. I am in love with the Process of Dressage.  I love showing and now feel like I’m ready to climb the levels and hopefully make it through the FEI Levels!

I have many interests: all things horse and Dressage related, all types of fitness training and sports  conditioning,  nutrition as it pertains to athletes,  books and  literature,  music;  particularly folk, classical, and opera. I’m passionate about architecture, fine wine, interior design, history….and of course, my dogs, your dogs, all dogs…

So the unofficial title of this blog is  ” Scribbles: the Ramblings of a Renaissance Woman.”

I’m happy to meet any and all who wander in here and hope you’ll be inspired to leave a thought or two before you leave!!!

Cherish the Ride ~ Leslie

7 thoughts on “A Serious Adult Amateur Dressage Rider”

  1. Congratulations on your new horse! He’s beautiful!

  2. We may be kindred spirits, as my “in addition to horses” list includes folk music, opera, and anything that has legs and breathes (I worked in animal welfare for years and still do some rescue).

    Plus, I’m always shocked when I look in the arena mirror and discover that the rider on top of my horse is, in fact, not 100 pounds and 20 years old.

  3. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I’m really enjoying yours! Beautiful horse and of course your dogs are the cutest thing ever 🙂

  4. Thank you for subscribing to Piaffe and Passage … I hope it’s going to prove to be exciting reading of a success journey, and not of disappointment!! I’m enjoying browsing through yours ..

  5. Thank you for subscribing to In Search of Dressage. Good luck on your dressage journey. I may just run into you in FL if you come for the winter circuit. I am blessed to be less than two hours from Orlando, and slightly farther from Wellington and the Florida Horse Park.

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