A Dressage Rider’s Fit Lifestyle Journey

The BEFORE picture

24 July, 2010 ~ the Now, the Present, the Reality, the Commitment……The Journey has begun and I am already in a better place than just two days ago….I will be sharing my process of becoming an optimum athlete on this page. I am two days into “The Mayo Clinic Diet.” I think this plan comes closest to what I envision the rest of my life to be. The pyramid of food is logical, healthy and most important, seems do-able! You are welcome to chime in here. But I am going this solo! Doesn’t mean alone, but rather, I’m committing to my internal strengths to guide my way!!!

Here is the best photo for my “before” shot that I have in my archives…I will look for more. But I need a departure point and this is it! This photo is actually from 2008 but I have been up and down since then and this picture looks close to the disconcerting image in my mirror every morning!!!!  And I want photos with the horses…….I NEED the constant reminder of what I am chasing here!!!

Anyone want to journey along for a while???

I did well today, putting in an hour of cardio and doing arms, abs, and stretching! Ran 2.29 miles and did 2.14 miles on the elliptical. I see that the big elephant in the room is the carbohydrate! Ate 2 ears of corn tonight, putting me one serving of whole grain carbs over the daily total I’d prefer to eat. However, it was not a brownie,piece of pie or even white bread. So all in all, this is a great day!!!

25 July 2010 ~ Out to dinner tonight with the hubby! I managed to eschew the pasta and ordered the striped bass. Did not forgo the wine….a very good Shiraz….and did split dessert with my love! But overall, a good day. Had hoped to get cardio in today but did not. The wine at dinner does not allow it to happen now. Tomorrow will be a good day to clean up the food and run….no riding until Wednesday,alas!

26 July 2010 ~ Got an hour and 15 minutes working out tonight! Very pleased! Ran over 2 miles on the tread and did 20 minutes on the elliptical immediately afterward. Would have done more but my toes were burning a bit. Did abs, chest and shoulders to finish along with the usual stretching! Food went well, but I REALLY am a carb queen. It’s the toughest food group for me. I could eat carbs all day long! Good job for the fourth day in a row! I’m really eating more fruit and veggies now! Switched to 1% milk, which is a huge as I drink tea through the day. No problems getting dairy in! Getting on the scale in the morning…

31 July 2010 ~ Mixed results this week thus far. I’ll get on the scale tomorrow. I have a family reunion today and have decided, NO ALCOHOL! for today…just to help with resisting all the good food that I know will be offered. But I moved more this week, I ate more fruits and veggies, I recorded all I ate and all my exercise….I am committing to small, long term changes.  Hope the scale gives me some credit tomorrow…

11 August 2010 ~ first 1 hour spin class of my life…hope my quads work tomorrow!!!  ALEC BALDWIN was in my class! WOW…seems like a nice guy, too!

12 August 2010 ~ well, no pain today! Tried a TRX class today….and I thought I was fit person! Been put in MY place! I don’t expect the Navy Seals to accept me anytime soon! Spin tomorrow. So far today {4PM}, have eaten very healthily except for a tsp.butter on my whole grain toast…

16 January 2011 ~ Wow, it’s been a bit since I’ve come to this page. Now that I’m over the Christmas crud that was going around, I can really concentrate on my New Year’s Resolution. I have been doing great since getting to Florida. I ride everyday, do some barn work, do 30 minutes of cardio 5-6 mornings a week. I got myself a personal trainer who works me boot camp style 3 times a week, I’m working on wellness with my chiropractor, and am having a decent relationship with food. I have definitely lost weight since getting here. So the resolution? Two hours of exercise a day besides riding. And it begins tomorrow. I have some new stretch videos to play with. And I’m going to push the running and/or eliptical to 45 minutes a day. I’ll check back here soon with progress….

11 July 2011 ~ Boy, I’ve really fallen off updating this page! Where I’m at in the non-riding summer that has developed?  A slightly hit and miss 4 times a week with my new personal trainer. I’ve fallen off the running this last 3 weeks, but have promised myself to get out on the road tomorrow morning. I’m eating too much just now. Yes, that was a very loud cyber wail leaping off the page. Focus!!!! Hope to ride Callista on Wednesday which should help with my discipline!

12 July 2011 ~ Did an hour this morning with Teddy, my PT in NY. He has a Tuesday night session for small groups I’ll try tonight. Plan for the week…get more hours of activity in!

13 July 2011 ~ Did that extra class last night. Tough but I got through it. The extra plank holds on top of the ones I had done in the morning were really excruciating. But the worst was  the laps {attempting sprints!} carrying 15 Lb dumbells. I confess I had to walk  one of the circuits! But I feel good this morning. Started my morning with egg whites and will have some fruit soon. I have decided to have an additional blog, just devoted to fitness. The twist will be that I will gear to riding. Please visit it: Halfpass: A Dressage Rider’s Fitness Journey. I will continue this page as well!

14 July 2011 ~ Animal crackers are no longer allowed a space in my pantry….you know how some people are with potato chips?  That mindless crunching until the bag is gone? Yeah, that’s me and animal crackers. Did another Retribution class last night. Off to the gym today. Had a great breakfast!

18 July 2011 ~ Just back from the gym. Tough weekend food wise! Good start to day!

19 July 2011 ~ Double duty at the gym, better with my food!!!

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