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I think I bred my dream horse!!! Yeah, really! En route to Florida, three dogs in tow, I stopped at Blue Waters Farm to visit Charly, Rafi and my gorgeous baby, Waterford Blu. It was a quick visit and I plan to stop when I return to NY later this week. All three look awesome.

Waterford stepped right up inquisitively checking me out. He has such a gentle way about him, yet perfectly at home with himself. I have such high hopes for him.

Cannot wait to see him again and start getting him accustomed to me. Now that the house is feeling more organized in NY, I’m hoping to get down to see him once a week. first I will hang with him, but then I will bring brush and curry, maybe a small towel to drape over his back, some gentle noise makesers, umbrellas…Just slowly conditioning him to the larger world!

In other news, I have had a weird week in Florida at Bella Blu. Lightening struck the house, took out the generator, the pool equipment , the irrigation, the phone, some of the cable…..I left NY looking for a break from trades people!It idin’t happen. To add insult to injury, I caught a bad cold. The temperature and humiduty here are awful. There no ther way to state it. And it storms everyday.

So, I’ve been here a week…and I never even got to ride until today. Only Lhia. Callista heard I was coming, so she lost a she. Tomorrow, I will get on her.

So changes may be coming! We’ve owned our Wellington property for 4 years now. We have been planning the barn ring since Day One. But things have been keeping us from actually building. We are now considering selling and buying a place that is done. I had the real estatae here today, pricing our house and acreage. And I went to visit a small place about a mile from here. It had some nice qualities: Good use of the property, only a year old. Eight horse barn, 5 paddocks, good ring. Down side: strangely laid house which felt like a boarding house or even a college dorm. Stalls were only 12 x 12 and with concrete divides. So no breaking them down easily. Tiniest of tack rooms, no place to store hay….just not quite right.

I think we will do this, if the numbers are good for this house. They tell us that it’s good time to list as the market is busy and inventory is low. OTOH,I’m looking through the available stuff and I’m not in love with what is out there so far. Stay tuned.