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P1050151My lovely, new, little man is Waterford Blu. He is by Wamberto (Rousseau) out of a Piaster (Pik Bube) mare. That mare is my beloved Rafi! He was born on May 1, 2013 at Blue Waters Farm. He is being raised there. It’s tough, as I’m in NY or Florida and he is in Maryland. But Linda and Martina are doing a great job introducing him to the world. I get there as I can. Now that some of the work on the new house is getting under control, I may be able to leave occasionally and particpate more in his development.

His name came from the “W” of Wamberto, which is traditional for the Oldenburg world. The “Blu” is my choice of suffix in honor of Bella Blu Farm. I set the precedent in case I actually breed another baby in the future. With three mares in my life, that is always possible! But do I want to be a breeder? No!!! But I love my girls. The thought of a morsel of them for my future (I plan on living to be a hundred!) is very appealing. And I had great, good fortune on my first attempt.

The photo above is from last year’s (2013) ISR/OLD Inspection at Hilltop. The handler is the very best : Michael Bragdell! Waterford just missed premium status foal. But as he has since been gelded (he was always slated to be gelded, regardless of scores), I didn’t really care about that status. He got an 8 on his gaits. That was what I was excited about. He also was shown with his surrogate appy mom ( Waterford is an embryo transfer), who only has one true gait: walk. So he might have done even better with a more forward mom at his side. Who knows? I love how he moves. He floats like his real mom. And of course, Wamberto moves like a dream. All the grandparents are impressive as well. He is definitively and definitely slated to be a dressage horse.

I’m hoping for a visit soon. WordPress is not letting me easily add photos to my posts for some reason. Have to figure out what that’s about! I have so many to share!!!