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P1050151I’ve been on quite a journey the last couple years! I certainly fell far from the habit of blogging. I’m gently encouraging myself back here for all my ruminations. I confess to having been seduced by social media, particularly Face Book. Which is fine. But it’s time to be more reflective and contemplative again. Journaling here has always been good for this. You do get an audience and some feedback. But it’s definitely more supportive and thought provoked than dashing a reply on Facebook.

My horse life is transforming. We have changed our New York residence yet again. I am super happy to find myself back in upper Westchester. Feels like home to me. We have settled beautifully this summer into our new home. We are keeping the Florida place and still hope that my pasture full of grazing polo ponies will become my dream dressage facility. But it still has to wait. But I’m happy. The dream is alive. I’ve got a great boarding situation in Wellington at Tuny Page’s Stillpoint Farm. Assistant trainer Jen Griger has now moved up to being my full time trainer, as Cathy Morelli has given up the boarding end of her business. She’s doing great, BTW. She and BeSe are now based in Georgia and they still competing at Grand Prix!!!

I spent the last two years getting the Adult Amateur Dressage Initative going. We had some good results. I have stepped down from the Board, however. After my husband’s lymphoma diagnosis and cure, my involvement got a bit scattered. Unfortunately, I felt my efforts this last six months were neither inspiring or impacting anyone. So it was time for new blood and new ideas. It’s my baby and I hate seeing it sail on without me. But I have some other adult amateur projects to involve myself in. And I will always have opinions and I will always be a questioning nudge when I see the USDF or USEF riding roughshod over the AA’s.

The beauty of stepping down from the AADI? I can now voice my own views and not the consensus. I love the Priorities that AADI was focused on (although who knows if they will stay the same now?), but I didn’t personally agree or necessarily care about some of them. Separate pinning is desirable. But I don’t personally care if I am in a class with everyone. But when you are the president, you have to back what the group wants. Now I can express myself for myself. So that part is great.

I have learned that it is lonely at the top. You are damned if you do something and damned if you don’t. That was the pressure that got to me the most, I think. If I waited for others to start a project or take on a subject, it seemed like no one did. But if I took the initiative on a subject, I was being an autocrat or worse. I just got tired of it. I hate conflict. And it seemed lately, that everything I would say or undertake, I got more criticism than agreement. So, I bowed out. I’m glad I started it and led it. But now I am relieved to be done…

Back to my horses! Two years ago, after a long fight to keep her sound, I finally retired Raphaela. I promptly bred her to the young and fabulous Wamberto and via embryo transplant, got myself the most awesome foal. Waterford Blu is very like mom (hooray) and is now coming on 15 months of age. It’s a love affair. He is a gentle, handsome, excellent moving bay that I think I will enjoy forever.

Callista and Delhia (Lhia) are doing great. I’m off to Florida the end of the week to have some time with them. I feel like I haven’t ridden in ages! Who am I kidding? I haven’t!!! I cannot believe that Callista turned 12 this year! Boggles my mind. More soon. Good to be here again!