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Now that Callista is on the mend from various setbacks this winter, I’ve started to have lessons on her again! We’re concentrating on my seat. After my toss from Delhia a few weeks ago, I was struggling with fears and confidence issues. My mantra was : “This is temporary, this temporary!” I have been getting on Delhia but have I been missing Rafi and Callista!!!

Rafi, of course, was the ultimate confidence builder. It was always Callista that pushed my buttons. But with Rafi retired and about to be bred and Lhia making fetal position a part of our daily repertoire? Suddenly Callista needs to step up to schoolmaster role. After all, everything is relative!!! Alpha, opinionated, Madame Queen has suddenly become my easiest ride!!!

I’m sorting through some video excerpts for eventual posting. And I do have some stills that my trainer took today.

We worked on the seat. The lessons have to be short as she is not fully returned to work. We’ve just started asking her to be a tad more engaged. Up until now, we were posting and basically giving her a long rein to find her own balance. But for the last few days, we are asking  her to come through her back into engagement and to connect more. We also have begun asking for leg yields, shoulder in, and some reinback.

Me? I need to get my lower back relaxed and fluid as soon as I get on. My fall definitely gave me set back in the tension retention department. Fight the fetal is the goal just now. Fortunately, Callista is incredibly sensible. If the work is easy, she’s content to go about like a lesson pony while I turn my toes in, drop my leg more, keep an eye on whether said legs are forward or too far back……relax, drop shoulders, poll the highest point….

I’m happy on certain levels to go back to the beginning again! The seat. The seat! The seat!!!