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Tomorrow, I will have a third ride on a potential new horse. The assistant trainer at our barn will hack her to our barn so that we can see how she behaves in a new place. We’ll pull blood for a drug test. If all goes well, I will make an offer on her.

Yeah, it’s been a while since last I blogged.  I’m in Florida and am relieved to find the holidays behind me! Highs and Lows have abounded and I’m longing to get life onto an even keel again!

It is with enormous regret and sadness that last month I decided that after a good fight and some mighty wicked vet bills, it was the right thing to retire my beloved Rafi. I had to face the fact that she simply isn’t coming back. I really had to scramble to find someplace local to place her. My other retiree, Charly, lives so far away that I never see him. I’m hoping to eventually have Rafi home once my barn is built. But that’s at least a year away. So for the high season, Rafi will have to live at another facility until the seasonal people leave my trainer’s barn. Then I can bring her back at a reduced rate for the off-season. I’m a little nervous about this working but we’ll see.

So I have been horse hunting. And after a near disastrous fall from a spooking prospect, I have found a 2003 mare who is a worthy candidate to my fantastic Raphaela! Unlike the Christmas horse saga, I’m staying quiet about this one until it’s a go! I will say that she fits most of the criteria that I spelled out on a long ago post here. But she’s maybe a year behind in her training. So far, she’s proved to be safe, sensible and rather sensitive. I’m hopeful….I will get back here with the outcome!

Callista will finally make her debut at Prix St. Georges this month. Jen has made terrific progress with her. She needs two scores at PSG to get her Silver Medal. I’m hoping she’ll get them between the next 2 or 3 shows. I’m happy to give her this opportunity but I’d like to think that this spring I’ll get out to a show myself with Callista! Probably I’ll take her out First Level.

After all these years of no interest in ribbons and score chasing, I’ve decided that I’d like to go for my USDF medals after all. I figure, between Callista and the new horse, I OUGHT to be able to get my Bronze before the end of the summer. Anyhow, that’s the goal!

So tomorrow is a BIG DAY! I am pulling for this mare to be my next horse. But I am totally prepared to walk if she is naughty or if she turns out positive for drugs.

Except for the blip of the holidays, I’m doing well with food and fitness. There’s a lot to be thankful right now. Next week I have a big birthday coming. Maybe a big red mare will be a really good gift!