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Saturday, I leave for Florida! The horses went down right after Devon and I’ve been bored, eating too much, not keeping up with my cardio, and generally, moping about the house! It is time to go. This is the least horsey five months of my life and I don’t ever want it be without my horses this long, ever again!

Jen took Callista over to Jim Brandon this past Sunday and won their Fourth Level Test Two class! I’m very proud of them!

This, of course, is from the summer. But I love this photo and now have an excuse to publish it …again! Jen said she was rather “up” when she got to the show and felt like she had a bit of a “hump” in her back. But she settled and Jen was happy with her. Callista hasn’t had too many outings off the properties this year! Nice that she “kept all her marbles!”

I’m struggling a bit with my diet motivation just now! Usually the weeks leading up to going to Florida are my psyched up time. I think it must be not riding all summer…..I can’t wait to get there and yet it’s as if I don’t believe I’m going yet…ah yes, maturity in action!

Hopefully, there will be more activity on this blog once I get down to Bella Blu Farm. Yes, I decided that this is the name. I’ve even created a page on Facebook for it. I also nabbed it as an e-mail screen name for the future!

Well, not much else going on! Packing tonight and heading to the city tomorrow. We’ll leave from there….

Next post will be from Wellington, Florida…..