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I thought this information to be very important to the daily fight. A good reason why heavy people need and should forgive themselves for slip ups. I hear people say,”No excuses!” But if the science points to a real bio-neurological reason as to why it is so difficult for the obese to stick out a nutrition program, we need to sit up and listen!

That said, we heavy people have to forgive ourselves everytime we “fail”and just start again…

As regular readers know, I have often objected to the universal "cure" for obesity ("eat less, move more"), which ranks (and I choose the verb advisedly) with equally effective cures for depression ("cheer up"; "look at the bright side"), poverty ("earn more money"; "spend less than you earn"), and so on: simple injunctions with no explanations of how actually to accomplish the task. These picayune pronouncements are on par with an even simpler " … Read More

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