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….just in time for the horses to leave for Florida! But at least it’s finally happening! I have a remote chance of riding on Wednesday. But I’m not going to count on it. I plan to get settled as quickly as possible. So many interruptions this year!

I was watching the USDF FEI-Level Trainers’ Conference with Jan Brinks tonight. I was in desperate need of a horse fix! Nothing big stuck out from the viewing. But I did come away with a kind of mental picture of what I will ask for from Callista on our next ride. I found myself passively comparing myself to each rider. Of course Callista is not yet FEI although she is schooling PSG and Intermediaire stuff. I was just mentally riding along with the demo riders and found myself setting a few short-term goals for the Fall.

One is that I definitely need to assert myself as Callista’s primary rider. I’m good enough now. I need to take this Fall and just keep climbing on and pushing my own envelope. Callista is far enough along now and mature enough to accommodate a few mistakes from me. I just need to build my confidence more. I know what I’m doing and I don’t want to wait anymore.

I’m going to shoot for an early January show and will do Second 3 and Third 1. As I’ve shown through Fourth and so has she, this seems a good gaol. It will push me out of what Jan referred to as the “comfort zone” for the two of us and yet not stick us in the “panic zone!”

This gives me a few months to get control of her left lead canter. Then it gives me two classes of similar demands…one with the flying change and one without. Since we are a green pair despite all the years I’ve owned her, I think this gives us a challenge and a good chance of a good outcome.

So there it is! I’ve thrown my gauntlet down!

No indications yet on Rafi. We won’t have the vet out until Florida. I need to get on her and then see what I feel…