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I had a great day. I managed to get out of bed this morning at 5:30 AM and drove myself to Jersey. My round trip came in at seven hours instead of eight. And it was worth going as I rode BOTH horses. Rafi, of course, was ridden only at a walk and a bit of trot…But on my aids, thinking forward and pushing from behind! It was simply a pleasure to be on her. Grooming was a treat.

Callista! Ah my powerhouse! I watched Jen ride her first. I always spend a portion of my car ride to Cathy’s having angst over keeping up with Callista. She’s powerful, athletic, opinionated and when I watch the two of them being coached by Cathy, I have this feeling that I’m not going to get her on my aids and in what I call “happy compliance!”

But then I get on and it catches me by surprise that I actually CAN ride this wonderful, tricky mare.

So I had a real treat today on her as she said yes…over and over again.

Another great payback today…I have to go to the gym tomorrow and thank my trainer Teddy for all the planks he made me do this summer! My core is in a brand new place on the horses. You have to remember, I’ve barely ridden this last few months! Two times to be exact. And yet, I never felt so effective with my posture and with the independence I felt as I did today!

It was VERY cool!!!

My diet is under control, I am exceeding my exercise plans nearly daily,Rafi is still progressing in her healing, I am figuring out how to ride Callista, my trainer made in into the Festival of Champions at Gladstone the weekend after next…..and if Hurricane Irene blows east of Montauk this weekend, I’m a pretty happy camper!!!