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The marathon awaits me tomorrow morning. Getting to Jersey.  I’m planning to be on the road by 6! Good news though! That Board of the condo we want to buy in NYC has approved us at last! Never mind that the horses are leaving for Florida in about 30 days! And I lost the entire summer. But it’s done. Hopefully we will close around September 1st and move in the week after Labor Day. Gee, maybe I’ll get 6 more rides in!!!

It’s been a weird summer not seeing my husband at all during the week and only seeing the horses twice so far. Add Rafi’s lameness. Stir….not a good brew.

At least I worked out consistently! Still too heavy but feeling incredibly fit anyway!!!

I really can’t believe the summer is drawing to a close! I’m already getting into Florida mode. Week Two of pre-season is gliding by and I am hoping to drop 15 lbs. by October 1st! Only one pound gone so far. But my  trainer at the gym is going to write me up a six-day super clean plan to help jump-start. Fair warning to anyone reading. Don’t get old and heavy! It really is a lot harder to get it off!

I am so looking forward to tomorrow. I miss my girls so much. I’m hoping Rafi will be a bit improved! And every ride on Callista is a learning experience!