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Cathy was off to Saugerties to show, so I didn’t do the marathon trek out to Jersey today. I am putting this day to some good uses, including catching up my blogs and evaluating Week One of Pre-Season thus far.

I have added a food diary to this week’s goals. I was going to wait until next Monday to add it in but felt that I REALLY needed the help now. I’m glad I did because I am already making better choices and haven’t put a mindless piece of food in my mouth all day!

Dr. Paterson was out to the barn yesterday evaluating Rafi’s progress. He injected the fetlock and coffin bone again. This time he injected Tildren at the site. He wanted to do both front feet but Rafi took enormous exception to that idea and struck out. He didn’t want to risk missing or worse on the second leg, so also did one in her neck with the hope of affecting the leg denied him by my normally sweet, compliant horse.  Poor Dr. Paterson! He’s injected Rafi too many times and she see him coming!!! She’s VERY protective of her front feet now.

Prognosis: This is going to be a very long recovery with no dates given. She’s going to be allowed to continue her four straight lines of trotting. And we’re allowed to carefully add lines as time goes by based on feel. But no bends, no curves, no sideways of any kind yet!

Worst of all, despite her improvement, no guarantees of 100% usefulness. But hopefully we’re still on track for serviceably sound with good management.

So I’m happy that the vet is happy with where she is. But I can’t help wishing for more…