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On my other blog I wrote down my fitness plans for the week. Today is Day One of my personal “Dressage Pre-Season!” I’m approximately six weeks out from the horses leaving for Florida. And I haven’t been riding. Hence the scarcity of posts on this blog as I use this purely for Dressage and the odd post relating to the dogs…

So the plan is to set up my fitness and nutrition goals for the week each Monday. And if I EVER close on this damn NYC apartment, I will also up the number of times per week I get to ride! This is really the crux as I firmly believe the best exercise for your sport IS your sport!

But I am determined. I do this pre-season “thing” every year in August. But I’m formalizing it this time. I’m writing stuff down….good and bad. I am going to learn to give myself credit for the little victories and celebrate them.

I’m reading a lot of sports psychology just now. I want to get a handle on fear of failure/success. I am thinking that I may be using food as a barrier to getting to my dressage goals. I’m really examining this in detail. Why do I get in my own way all the time???

If I find some books I like, I will share them. I’m enjoying having an iPad for this as I really don’t want to fill my house with self-help tomes. The Kindle on my iPad keeps me very organized!

Dr.Paterson called today. He’s on his Northeast pass and will try to swing by to jog out Rafi this week. He’s hoping she’ll be able to increase her trot time. He reminded me again to expect a long, slow healing process! Oh well….Callista, you are going to HAVE to tolerate my mistakes!

Because I REALLY need to ride…