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Looks like I’m finally going to see my horses tomorrow. It will mean getting up at 5:30 AM and being on the Long Island Expressway before 7 Am. I hate thinking about the  3-4 hour ride but I have books on tape, Starbucks stops planned, and a real desire to get on top of what is going on with Rafi. This will determine if I will turn window shopping into actual horse shopping. After I finish blogging, I will pull out my too dusty breeches and riding shirts. Hope I brought my rain gear back from Florida! I can’t remember.

Got hold of a video of another nice candidate for purchase if I pursue this route. A nice 8-year-old gelding with markings and color quite similar to Callista. Can you say Pas de Deux? He’s 17 hands which is as tall as I’d like to go. Looks a bit lazy, but that doesn’t always put me off and priced well. The gaits are big and he looks naturally uphill! He’s got show experience and apparently is easy to handle and hacks out happily. Certainly put that one on my short list. Based on the video, his only drawback is chrome… Oh well! I still dream of black stockinged bays! LOL

But first: The greater problem and conundrum of figuring out if Rafi is going to come back sound. Very frustrating. Anyone who reads my journal here knows of my great love for this horse. And faced with a choice, I’d rather have her back for a few more years and then replace her when she is too old. But this is the life in horses. As my husband says, “They Break!!!…and then they make you cry.”

I’m excited to have a lesson on Callista. Cathy has sent me videos of course but I want to feel what the progress is, not just watch it! Jen has done a phenomenal job with her this summer. But Jen, watch out! Because this winter I really want to cement my relationship with her! {I can say this because no one is happier than Jen to see me getting on with the Queen of the barn! LOL}

So, anyone with weather connections, please put in a good word for me…