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Jen called this morning with very promising news about Rafi!!! Vet felt there was a significant improvement! He injected the fetlock again and shock waved and is allowing her to be walked under tack starting tomorrow with the hope of some straight line trotting in 2 to 3 weeks.

This was the progress I was holding my breath for!!! As I have said from the get go, I will be very happy to get her sound enough for saddle time and her companionship. She is such a sweetie. I’ve hated my time without her!

So now, it’s just a matter of resolving our homeless in NY problem. Can’t wait for the apartment saga to end!

Callista is off to the Windy Hollow Show on the 23rd. Jen will show her Third and Fourth Level and hopefully get her Medal scores. Callista has been great. She is really giving in and going with the program.

I’ll be on them both next week! It will be like having two new horses….