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Got a text from my vet this morning. He’s on his northeast circuit and was in Philadelphia. He said he could swing by Cathy’s farm en route to Bedford, NY and see the girls. I’m four hours away in the Hamptons. It was too short notice to get myself to Jersey, so I got on the horn to Cathy and Jen, left them messages, and am now awaiting updates.

My big concern IS Rafi. I missed the last two jogs and haven’t a sense, at this point, as to her improvement. We’re coming up on the 6 month mark since her lameness onset. I was hoping by now to have her walking under tack. So far: not. So here I sit, typing to you all and waiting for the call that gives me, hopefully, new info. I certainly do not want to rush her but I really miss her!!! And we still don’t really know if she is coming back at all…

I have been doing a lot of window shopping for horses all summer. If Rafi cannot come back, I’m keeping a file  of possible replacement candidates. I would probably purchase  something in the Fall if the situation doesn’t improve. But truthfully, I’d really have my dearest friend and partner back! So I work hard at objectivity everyday. No matter the outcome, I know that I want to continue to advance in dressage. Retiring Rafi will be heartbreaking whenever it comes.

So I’m readying myself for the various outcomes as best I can….

to be continued….