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I’m living a crazy life just now. I’m not complaining as generally I have it quite good!!!! But we are currently homeless in the Big Apple. This means I’m four hours away from my horses at all times. I’m getting antsy….and FAT!!! Why is it that when I’m not riding, AND even if I am getting my exercise in, all I really seem to do is consume food?

Is this a common disease amongst the horsey set?

Anyway….back to the apartment quest. NYC, and Manhattan in particular, make a condo purchase an absurd jump through hoops! While not a co-op, a condo in Manhattan still requires a submission of financial and personal statements to the Board of the said building one is purchasing in. And the Board has 30 days to respond. This holds up closing a deal needlessly as the aforementioned Board and Building have to BUY the condo if they turn the applicant down at the negotiated sale price! I mean, come ON!!! How many times does that happen???

Meanwhile, the seller can’t move on and the buyer can’t move in! And in this case, the buyer CAN’T RIDE!!! So I’m pissed.

So the Board has thirty days to decide on us. My poor hubby is sleeping on his brother’s couch in Nassau County in order to shorten his commute to work. I’m out east in the main house. Believe me, I love it here….but the situation is rather silly and likely to last through the summer.

I know any sane person reading this doesn’t get it. Why don’t I just bring Callista here for the summer? Truth be told, I’m not ready to have her on my own. Rafi is different {but alas, still unsound} being a generous,forgiving mare….but Callista has a lot of temperament and I feel we all do better under my trainer Cathy’s guidance.

So my plan for the next three to five weeks? Every Wednesday I plan to do the eight-hour round trip.

What can I do?I miss my girls, I miss Cathy and Jen….and I really miss riding…