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Dreams die hard. Always.

I can’t say that I wasn’t prepared for not grand news with Rafi’s MRI. We got the info we needed to go forward. She’s showing deterioration of the collateral ligaments at the pastern in both front feet, a chronic loss of bone density, some cysts and related lesions in the coffin bones. And, of course, we knew about the arthritic changes to the right pastern from last month’s x-rays.

Treatment: a session of Tildren {or is it Tilgren?} to reverse bone loss…. ten days IV. We took some blood to make an injection for the general ankle area to be both corrective and anti inflammatory. Forget what it’s called, but I will give a better description when I have the vet’s written explanation of all the findings and the treatments we will use. Full bar shoes in front.

When the Tildren cycle is finished, we’ll inject the site for comfort, cushioning and hopefully, correction and see how she trots out. Fortunately she’s so well-behaved, I will be allowed to give her turnout. The conventional wisdom used to be: 6 months stall rest. We’re going with the turnout.  At her age, 6 months stall rest will cause more problems than I already have. I’d retire her first!

So it looks like 60 to 90 days with the outside possibility of walking her under tack if she trots out well in a couple of weeks. Long term??? I think my going FEI with her is not going to happen. I expect I may get back a horse that will still give me useful time in the saddle with the possibility of showing up to Third or Fourth Level. But her condition is considered chronic and will deteriorate as she ages….

I really am devastated…