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Although my husband does not want me to name our winter farm until there is an actual barn on the premises, I have grown very impatient to have a name!  Don’t you think named “stuff” is very cool?

My very first name was “Sea Fields Farm.”  Perfect!  I love horses, I live near the ocean up north, my barn colors will be blue and white.  An obviously perfect name as far as I’m concerned!

Except my husband says it make him think of W.C. Fields. Not quite what I had in mind.

Our house in Long Island is called “Canvasback.”  A suggestion has been offered more than once that we just call the farm “Canvasback South.”  But, for me, this somehow implies that there is a farm up north. Which there is not.

Another name I’ve flirted with is “Seahorse” or “Sea Horse” Farm. I’ve been envisioning a seahorse in my logo all along…..so why not keep it simple?  Alas, hubby isn’t real enthused over this name either. Fortunately, he does like the seahorse logo!  That’s a start, anyway.

“French Fountain Farm” was in the running for a while, in honor of our beautiful Provencal fountain in the front courtyard.  But I think that name implies the French school of dressage, which I really don’t do. 

And hubby’s not crazy for this one either.

I adore words that begin with Tw……The Twilight craze {of which I am a guilty member!} has robbed me of “Twilight Farm” which I love. And for which my husband threatens to make a logo of Robert Pattinson’s profile for the front sign. So, one of my very favorite words in the English language has been denied me thanks to pop culture!!!

There have been others, many already in use and some my husband will not even consider for ten seconds…..very frustrating.

I have returned to “Bella Blu Farm.”  And yes, I am guilty of filching the name from a favorite restaurant on the upper East Side of Manhattan. I am even going to take it as a screen name, I think….

“Bella Blu Farm.”  It works.  I see a seahorse with an angled, scroll like  banner across its body, with the name written in script.  And a light, powdery, French kind of blue lettering  against a pure white field.  A little silver or gold to heighten the font choice?

Any thoughts???