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Just a short brag!  BW-Callista and Jen Griger won their class this morning at the Gold Coast Dressage Finale II with a 65.8+ score. I’m just beaming with pride. Jen rode her so tactfully and they were such an elegant pair!!!

But the best part is: Come Tuesday, I’m back to riding her everyday!!! Now if I can get the MRI report and a consequent plan for Rafi I will be able to go north with a pretty light heart next month!

Arie is being sold. As soon as it’s official, I will tell you to whom. 

Yes, I will be in the market for another horse later this year. I’m going to start a wish list here and add to it as I think of things.

So far, in a PERFECT world:

Sensible, sane and sound….no spooks

Go button and great work ethic.

gelding or mare

7-10 years old

Must have a decent show record. My preference is a confirmed in the ring PSG horse.

If he/she is seven, the changes have to be confirmed. If 9 or 10, the piaffe and passage started and all GP being schooled.

I like supple, elastic horses with good lateral capabilities!

I love beautiful necks that come naturally uphill out of the withers.

Like a shorter backed, leggy horse but if the gaits are good, this is not so crucial.

Excellent rythmn that never quits….equal front and behind…free shoulder!

Bay, black-stockinged, no white on legs…star or blaze okay! I am no fan of chrome.

Height: approx 16.3 hands….medium or large boned but with elegance.

Enough for tonight. I’ll think of more…