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Jen and Callista showed today in Wellington at Jim Brandon and put out a great test!!! They did a solid Three One. I was thrilled with Callista’s behavior after such a long break from the ring, her condition ~ she’s never been more beautiful than she is now!!! ~ the steadiness of the test, and Jen’s tactful, lovely riding. They did not have much time to put this test together and I am so proud of how much success they had. They finished third with a 63%.

I’m hoping to get some good photos tomorrow and will post them here when I get them.

Tuesday, Callista and I get back to daily lessons. This morning, watching the pair of them go, I began to yearn to show. It’s been a tough winter with Rafi lame and Callista coming back from surgery. There’s only one month more of Florida for us and I’m hoping to make some progress again. I’m getting a real urge to show Callista even if she will challenge the hell out of me in the ring. This summer, as her condition improves, Cathy will finally debut her at Prix St. Georges. But I thought that keeping her together and riding a solid Three One on her would be enough of a goal for me as I try to get a handle on her alpha personality.

So, I don’t know when I will show her but that’s where I’m heading.

Still waiting for the MRI results on Rafi. You can’t know how I miss riding her. She’s getting kind of bored now and I can’t wait until she’s back under tack, even if it’s only at the walk!!!

Of course, that shadbelly I ordered? It’s arriving this week. God knows when I’ll actually get to put it on…..