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It’s been an interesting winter. I’m scribbling here a bit after midnight. Sent my poor Rafi up to Ocala this morning for a standing MRI. She’s been off about 6 weeks now. Originally we thought it was a bruised heel or maybe an abcess….but she’s not improving. Neither an x-ray or an ultrasound offered any conclusive indicators as to what the problem is. My personal fear is ringbone and hopefully we are ONLY entering the realm of the serviceably sound. We’ll see.

Arie is being sold. Should happen this week. I’m divorcing myself from him as best I can! But he’s not the horse for me alas…

Callista is fully back in work now and will show Third Level this weekend under our assistant trainer. We just want to ease her back into the show ring as it’s been about nine months since her last outing. Cathy will show her this summer at Prix St. Georges. I have no immediate plans to show my beautiful, opinionated girl. But I am having lessons on her again at long last. I will begin to share tales about her soon. Suffice it to say that my job is to make Callista think that advancing in Dressage is HER idea….

That should give you an idea as to my immediate goals with her!

Thought you’d enjoy this shot taken by B. Alphin at Hilltop Farm in 2006. This was Callista in her Mare Performance Test in the free jump segment. Pretty cool, huh?