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Much to share again. I have finally debuted at Fourth Level Test Two. The judge summed it up best in her comments: “It’s a start…’ I went off course twice and only got one of the three tempi changes. On the bright side? Rafi never felt better! We’re really forging a partnership now and it carried itself back home after the double and spurs were put away until the next show. She’s more obedient, my half halts are getting better and my seat SEEMS to be improving.

We still have some work to do on the tempi’s…she wants to ignore my right leg aid in them,,,so we are working in a lot of zig zags and half passes in all the gaits to zero in on my weaker side and her less than wonderful submission to the said weak side. I’m convinced we’ll get it.

I ordered a shad belly….due to still needing to lose MORE weight and the fact that nature has endowed me significantly in the bosom department, I couldn’t get a fit in an off the rack jacket. Like my boots, I have to go custom. It takes up to 12 weeks, so I’m being optimistic, placed the order and still hope to do Prix St. Georges in April. Looks like it will be a race between which gets here first…the jacket or my riding…

I have decided that the Christmas horse will be sold. I love Arie, but between his size and strong-minded personality, I feel he’s not an ideal horse for me. Hopefully, his sale will make a nice nest egg for another Rafi type horse. At my age, I’m finding I no longer want to wait on developing a youngster. They are always a gamble {as is any horse!}, but I want to ride NOW. Having passed my 59th birthday last week, riding in the present has become more important than the future. So Arie is for sale….I recommend him for the experienced rider.

So the new year has come and new goals are set. Resolutions are being worked on. One is to up my actual hours of exercise {outside riding} to two hours a day/ six days a week. That starts tomorrow as I’ve been sick since New Year’s Eve! But this feels very do-able.

Show next week. Doing Fourth Two again. Oh, and Callista is up to 30 minutes of trotting and we expect to be able to add canter next week!  She’s doing great!