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It’s rather unbelievable but my horses arrived in Florida yesterday. I leave this Saturday. It’s been another odd summer with a pretty decent beginning, piddling out to nearly no riding by September. The WEG came and went without me. Cathy headed to Florida straight from Lexington and we sent BeSe and Callista down to her immediately.

So, the last time I rode was before WEG! Wow…and not good.

Does anyone, besides me, find their fitness and diet motivation directly tied to their riding??? My workouts drifted away, the carbs and fats ascended, and I now feel like a puddle of lukewarm jello. But I have taken action on my own behalf. I contacted a gym less than 5 minutes from the new house {hereafter, called the farm…even if the barn isn’t up yet!}.  Am e-mailing the guy whom I hope will be my fitness guru this winter. We’re driving down Saturday and Sunday. My plan is to be in that gym Monday afternoon.

Have gotten lazy about blogging. I guess mostly because I consider this a dressage blog and if I ain’t dressagin’, I ain’t got nuthin’ to blog about! But I read the blogs I’m subscribed to and therefore, have a tenuous connection to you all. I’m hoping that with a better defined schedule in Florida, I’ll have more to share again…

Hi to you all!