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learning to piaffe

Nothing like arriving at the barn this morning to find a pushy goofy 17.2 hand five-year old with a suspicious inflammation right near the left front suspensory to make your day!!! Had the vet out, of course,  ASAP.Luckily the ultrasound showed no damage. Dr. Gray thought he may have bumped himself some how and inflamed the area. Back to work he can go, with precautionary icing for the week and keeping an eye out for any unsoundness….

Whew!!! The thought of a big, happy-go-lucky five-year old on stall rest for any length of time was giving me the willies all day! Am happy to have worried for naught…

Callista has been having fabulous progress since the last show. She’s learning her piaffe now and is getting some nice steps. She still needs to “sit down” more but the steps are lovely, lively and regular. I have high hopes for her! She’s also learning to canter on the spot. That’s how good her collection is getting. I think her pirouettes are going to be quite lovely…

....my beautiful Callista

I am not quite sure why these photos won’t go where I put them….but you get the idea!

Rafi and I are really have great work this week too! We’re working on compression and the whole notion of the transitions working like an accordion. It is a blast to bring her to piaffe and/or passage and then send her out to a lively medium or into a really well-connected shoulder-in. We were rocking today in the canter, too. I’m really starting to get some of the same collection there. Consequently, my half passes and flying changes are getting to a new place. I seem to have a better handle on her overall straightness this week, too!

Long live progress!!!! Any where, any how, any who!!!