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Showed down at Horse Park of NJ this weekend with mixed results….for me anyway! Callista was fantastic! She has made huge strides this summer in her connection to the bit and had possibly her two best classes yet at Four One. She was so steady, so engaged, so fluid. It was quite exciting to watch! She and Cathy make a VERY elegant pair! Jen had great moments in her  Training Four class on Saturday with Arie, but Sunday they were really on their game, winning the class with a 68 and change!!! I was quite the proud owner!

Me….alas! While I am really pleased with Rafi’s impulsion and now greater uphill connection, I did struggle with straightness, particularly on Sunday. You get a few things under your belt but then you lose or encounter new problems along the way!!! Examples…in the half passes, Rafi likes to lead with the haunches,so I over compensated. Attempting to lead with the shoulders, I lost the bend and largely did leg yields! Asking for more impulsion in the medium and extended canter yielded a bit more lively but crooked down the long side! YIKES!!!

The good news: Cathy loves where I am in the training. Despite my fairly middling score on Saturday and frankly, abysmal 53 on Sunday, she loves what I am doing. “HUH???”

Watched the DVD  this morning. Overall, both days do show that the liveliness of the ride has improved. My lower body is still, my hands are getting quieter…still not enough. In fact, I would characterize the rides as “not enough!” So I am steeling myself against moving up to Fourth and hopefully take these next few months to nail this impulsion/ straightness issue…

I HAVE to drop some significant weight. After castigating myself and groaning, watching the flesh trotting around the arena, I was finally objective enough to note that my seat ain’t bad at all! But the weight is SO unattractive and really emphasizes the flaws in the ride even more than their actuality!!! Anyone interested in blogging a weight loss journey with me? I am not “joining” any diet plan but plan on a healthy life style choice. Good nutritious choices and exercise are the motto for me. But feedback and moral support would be really welcome…