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Very hot and humid today….I ran out of gas on my second ride and it took me well over an hour to get my body back to normal. Even with drinking water, spritzing with the hose, getting out of the sun…..eating fruit for sugar.

Be careful out there in the heat everyone!!!! Be wise for your selves and your horses!!!

That said….fabulous ride on Callista today. Great connection and forward. She’s worth her weight in gold. She’s actually giving me the tools to ride a hot horse. She’s teaching me to be light, quick, efficient and very still in the saddle…..

Rafi was great too, until the heat got me. I was schooling trot and canter halfpass…and they were forward, light and up hill….but then I HAD to quit.

Obviously, I didn’t get on Arie at all….but Jen did a terrific job. She’s taking him Training Four in 2 weeks….I expect she’ll get her final qualifying score for the Regionals….that’s pretty cool!

I’m still pretty tired tonight …..gotta get more weight off and run more in the heat to acclimatize…