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Just rode Rafi today….very cool and damp which definitely doesn’t agree with Callista’s back….Arie seemed a bit tired and resistent. I let Jen cool him out after a very good ride and let him rest! But Rafi was a blast today…lovely spring to her step and of the three, best at understanding the up and out to the connection to the bit!

We’re going to do four shows…Rafi will do three as I really want to nail my understanding of the new place we’re finding ourselves in the training process. So I won’t enter her in the first of the four in order to confirm the work. I may not qualify this time for Region 8 but find I don’t mind at all. This new place we’re developing with her is far more important to any immediate showing. If and when I get the understanding  of how to access this new place, I truly believe we will breeze through Fourth and I will find myself at Prix St Georges this winter!!! So exciting…..she’s becoming so expressive now and even lighter on her feet if that is possible. Cathy rode her a bit today and worked the Ones….she had them, but on the forehand, when I bought her. But with this new understanding of the use of her back and the additional impulsion, they promise to be much more brilliant down the road!

How I love my good girl! if conditions warrant it, I’ll try to catch a photo of her…