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FINALLY!!!  Back to my usual summer schedule and riding again…feels like months although I think it was merely 25 or so days. I’m the city during the week and out at our house on the weekends. The horses are in Jersey which means I only get to ride 3 or 4 times a week. So up goes the mileage on my car….the good thing is, audio books….I get through a lot of novels this time of year!

Got to Cathy’s this morning and Callista was the first ride of the day. It’s sort of a mixed blessing. Especially when I’ve had time away from the horses. But when it works like today, it sets me up for the other two horses beautifully. Callista is really starting to understand that she must stay up and light. This has been tricky for me. Maybe because she can rattle my cage, sending her up, out and forward has been somewhat nerve-wracking. In the beginning, the yield and drive up there really felt like I was throwing the steering wheel out the window. It was very hard for me to let go when I know how NOT submissive she is! Add to sitting lightly with absolutely no squeezing {she simply will try to lose you!} of the legs, making sure I am going with her, be effective with the half halts and under no circumstances can I pull backwards on her {not that I would do so deliberately…but the seat STILL is not independent enough to guarantee it won’t happen!} with the reins during said half-halt, Light kicks…cause she’s pretty explosive off the aids…..no matter what being effective on her is a mine field for me!!! But today, she was just great….and when I can be this light, independent and effective, it gives me such good info for riding Rafi and Arie.

Rafi was next and she felt great. I was both thrilled and chagrined at how forward and supple in the uphill I was getting her. When I left Florida, I was just beginning to get the impulsion but she was often very against my hand….very stiff, with a tendency to bear down on the left rein. Today she was very quick to my leg and I was able to get her much more supple in the up! But it really shows me, once again and in a different way from Callista, that I am simply not independent enough in my seat and aids….I still dull her, or at least, I was in Florida…hopefully the new lightness I’m learning from Callista will translate into crisper and more effective aids on Rafi!!!

Arie looks fabulous….even from a month ago, I see a noticable difference in his balance and response to half halting. He’s simply taking the corrections better and better. I climbed on at the end. He still needs Jen’s confidence and forward courage when things confuse him or he doesn’t understand. But he really is getting the contact now for longer periods of time and is putting on some nice muscle now…he’s awfully cool to watch as I can get glimpses now and then where he’ll be a few years from now.

So I got a pony ride on my VERY tall pony…I swear he grew again! I’ve decided that I don’t really want to know how tall he is…..I’m on the tallest mounting block at the barn now and I’m struggling to get my foot in the stirrup. But he was a very good boy about me climbing up.  Started out a bit lazy in the walk {he decided he was done and really did not want to return to the ring with me} but then I sent in forward he began stretching and reaching for the bit…..a great way to end a beautiful day….he’s a love!!!