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Just a blurb to celebrate a banner riding day.

Got on all three horses today. I had a full lesson on Rafi and she accepted and actually volunteered forward and impulsion. Got some great short medium trots into collection and back out to forward again! This is huge, as I need this to move up to Fourth level this summer. I’m really thrilled that I got the forward AND kept her coming up through her back into her shoulders, neck and poll.

Had a shorter lesson on Callista. Only worked the walk and trot. This was a lesson about me more than her. The downside of being an adult amateur is not getting on a variety of horses. Consequently, we get used to the riding personality, the aid response and the idiosyncracies of the horse we ride everyday. The one horse ride makes us less sharp in our aids as the horse becomes used to us. The horse tunes into us <or worse, tunes us out !> and then we get on another horse and discover our aids are too loud or insufficient…whatever. I REALLY have to fine tune and not override Callista! Rafi knows me well and forgives my errors. She generally gets what I want and will respond accordingly.

 Callista!!! Well, let’s just say she’s very intolerant if I over ride, sit too heavy, squeeze inadvertently or pull back on the reins. She won’t have it!!! So I have to return to very sophisticated baby steps. The nice part of this…she was my second ride today and when I got on Rafi I was able to identify and refine some of my corrections from a sharper and more distinct place! Cool…..

But my treat today was getting on Arie which I have been longing to do since Jen got down here. He has been such a good boy that I felt that from now on, provided he’s not having acute five-year old moments, that I will cool him out for her. And as I get sure of him and he gets to know me riding him, I’ll have short lessons on him a few times a week…..just playing by ear!

He’s such a comfy ride….huge expressive gaits but soft in the back and lovely contact with the bit….he’s a Rolls Royce!

The horses go north Wednesday morning. I can’t believe my Florida season is coming to an end! It had so much to be thankful for and I am so happy with my progress as well as my little herd’s! And, FINALLY, a season with all my horses sound…I think this is a first in about 8 or 9 years for me!!!