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I don’t often blog on my other horses. It is mostly because I don’t ride them enough! In fact, I don’t ride Arie just now at all as he learns to be a good boy under more skilled hands than mine. But I have been on Callista a bit lately. It’s been extremely humbling…

How can such a brave, intelligent mare be such a chess match to ride? Today, we just walked….and she actually got curled up and got behind my aids. The other day, she decided I was not worthy of a canter depart . May I just say that I will never get a swelled head as a rider?  Between Callista’s poor opinion of my aids, Arie’s need for an expert young horse rider and Rafi blowing off my driving aids…..well, no point in going on. You get my drift!

Rafi and I are onto new territory. I’m asking for more “up” in the shoulders, the neck, the poll…and demanding that she be supple and yield to the driving aids….and it needs to happen all at once and, most important, it needs to happen when I ask! This really seems to be the final frontier to moving up to Fourth Level. It took me most of the lesson to get her up and forward at the same time! But in the end, I had the pleasure of some fabulous piaffe and passage and a worthy medium trot with a legitimate transition back to collected trot. Hope abounds. If I can get 75% of what I ended up with today IN the show ring, I think we can begin to see some higher scores!

Other news: we’ve moved into our new Florida home this past week and I’m loving it! I look out over fields with horses grazing, lots of big sky, and with a nice chunk of those fields belonging to me, we have begun playing with site layout and barn designs. Very exciting….the anticipation alone is worth the hassle of packing and unpacking….