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So….in the end, I did have to scratch Rafi yesterday at DEE. Had the vet out and while the rash and lethargy suggested a typical Florida fungus, he felt it may be bacterial because she did raise hives as in a very unpleasant dermatitis. So we shot her up with antibiotics and dex. Too bad…first of all, for my lovely girl’s discomfort and secondly for losing the my 3-3 ride which I had prepared so hard for. But this is what it means to be in horses….you gotta roll with the punches! Still, it was a lovely show…Callista had a good class, although she didn’t place, and Arie schooled like a gentleman!!!

Vet was out today to give Callista her mesotherapy and to give Rafi another shot of antibiotic. Callista gets today and tomorrow off. I rode Rafi lightly as the vet  felt that moving  her around was a good idea. I took great pains with the walk work getting her forward and on my aids! And I hit pay dirt! Another super ride. It’s almost unbelievable how stuff is suddenly starting to gel for me at last. My trainer is so pleased with me just now and I am so happy with Rafi. All of a sudden, it’s a legitimate partnership.You’d think you’d get all excited and frenetic with pushing the envelope when this day arrives!

But that’s not what the experience is at all. I’m feeling calm, expectant and quite willing to embrace P-a-t-i-e-n-c-e…..mentally I feel like I can actually slow down and enjoy the moment. I truly don’t think I’ve ever experienced this in my time with horses thus far. But I seem to have acquired a level of belief in the process that I didn’t know about previously. LONG MAY THIS LAST!!!  And believe me, I accept that this could be temporary. But for the time being…….hey! I can actually ride!!! And I can ride with feeling and tact…..here’s hoping I can hang onto this…