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I have lost my journaling discipline!!!! It’s to a good cause! I think about what I’d like to share here each day driving home from the barn. But after supper I tend to wilt and fall asleep on the couch….hence very little computer time just now. And I’m tired because I’m working out, riding, and now, unbelievably, in the wondrous process of buying an equestrian property in Florida….add a few horse shows, and I’m a goner at night. If I’m awake, I’m a zombie…

We’re showing this weekend {meaning today, yesterday and tomorrow} at Dressage at Equestrian Estates. This is one of my  favorite shows as I find the grounds very horse friendly with its big, open spaces. Most of the horses seem to like this showground.

It’s a quiet show as it’s Easter weekend and many of the northern riders have packed up and gone home. My horses and I will probably leave the third week of May which is fine by me as I enjoy warm weather riding! There’s a rare unhurried, peaceful atmosphere at the DEE this year! A happy show as far as I’m concerned.

All three horses are there competing. Thursday, schooling Rafi, I had possibly the best, most responsive ride on her to date. She was soft, forward, taking my hand, obedient…..it was wonderful!!! Next day {Friday}, I rode Three One for the first time. She felt great, much more on my aids and while I had some odd problems with occasional stiffness, I felt it was a respectable ride. Score crept up a percentage from the last show….guess I’m going to be riding Third Level for a while yet! {she smiles ruefully!} but I was so pleased with the partnership we had.

Callista and Cathy went Four One in the main arena. Despite a rider error and Callista breaking at the canter twice and for one harrowing moment deciding she didn’t want to go forward, they finished under Gary Rockwell’s eagle eye with a 63 and change. Guess he liked her in spite of the troubles. I’m not concerned….Callista is coming along beautifully at home. I expect to see her at Prix St. Georges next winter.

Cathy’s assistant Jen arrived earlier this week and got right to work taking over riding Arie. Today she rode him to Second place in Training 2. I loved her tactful and patient work with him all week. He needed lunging when we arrived at the show Thursday. He was a bit “up.” But she got on him and he settled down nicely after about ten minutes and was very good boy! And how nice that he was so good for her today.

Rafi and Callista only schooled today. Callista looked great. Rafi, however, broke out in a bit of fungus {very common here in Florida}. I rode her for about forty minutes with lots of walk breaks. She seemed a little sluggish….not sure if the fungus, the heat or just day 3 away from home hit! If the fungus looks worse tomorrow I may scratch her….we’ll see.

If all goes well, we’ll take another swipe at Three 3 and Cathy will take Callista Four One again as the show is offering a test of choice class….wish they would offer it every day as the Jim Brandon shows do. Would have loved to have ridden Three 3 everyday…oh well. Next show I will do so!

I’ll try to get a wind up on the weekend on Monday!  Happy Easter All!  Have I mentioned that I’m in love with the canter work in Three 3???