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There are little rewards to be collected now and again. Last year I bought a new pair of show boots. I wore them once. Rafi went lame and I never got them broken in. They were custom and had to be TAKEN IN as soon as I got them due to my super high level of fitness last year. I was running approximately 20 miles a week, was about seven pounds lighter than today and quite fit with no horse to ride!!! So I was dreading today as this winter I am quite off my usual fitness level and have not done much running since January thanks to the bronchitis and boob strain. I feel like such a marshmallow this year!

My little reward? My boots fit quite well….very good for my ego! Doesn’t mean I don’t need to tighten the bod up and continue losing weight. But it was gratifying to zip ’em right up. I ride in Vogels by the way. Like them very much….once broken in, they are by far my favorite shoes to wear! Next to flip-flops that is…

Rode in the snaffle today. Did not add the spurs as my ankles simply declined to participate in any more pain than the boots themselves. Rafi didn’t get her usual turnout this morning and was stiff…again not wanting to yield the left rein for any money. So that’s all we worked on today. Making her believe that my demand was never going away. Took the whole lesson but she came through at last. I’m planning on riding in the double tomorrow……hoping she’s going to yield more and still be forward.

Callista was very good for Cathy today and I’m planning a short ride on her tomorrow. Haven’t ridden her since January!