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Just posting briefly as any second now the PC will be snatched away from me by my dearest hubby to do some work….

Thanks to everyone for checking in on me….went from the back and boob sprain into a nasty bout of bronchitis! Have much to share here about the ups and downs of Dressage in February….

A little peek: The Christmas Horse was the high score winner at the Palm Beach Derby!!!!! That was the huge up of this past show which, alas, has to be linked with the great sorrow of Courtney King’s traumatic injury…Can’t get it out of my mind and hope everyone is sending thoughts and wishes of love and healing to her and her family! My heart just grieves so for Jason!

I was able to ride this weekend but opted not to show as I was not yet 100% out of the woods….but enjoyed schooling on the grounds! Back to my usual schedule this week! Hoping to keep the weight I dropped during my time out of commission and boy, I NEED to do some cardio…I was huffing and puffing this weekend while riding!

Will show this weekend no matter what….better a low score than no score, as my friend Mary Beth points out! Third 3!!! Yikes…I’ve spent the last 2 months prepping Third 1!!! And ended up scratching all the shows that I was supposed to ride that test in!!! But I welcome a challenge and there are elements in Third Three that I like…notably, getting the medium and extended trot done early in the test! I never liked the Third One challenge of that final extended canter, collected trot at C and right around the bend into the final extended trot……both Rafi and I are extended trot challenged!!! I much prefer getting the trot work behind me and relaxing into the canter work where I feel we have a little shine….NOT Bling….just a touch of semi-gloss….in a muted pastel shade….maybe more of a satin finish…..

You get my drift, right?…….modest success at the canter work lately…