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When I first started journaling here, I had this glow about the winter season where all things are possible, the horses would be sound, I would make phenomenal progress, I’d show successfully, maybe even bringing home a ribbon or two….I’d lose twenty-five pounds, my seat would miraculously, finally, declare independence…


I pulled a lat muscle the other night in the gym, which has seriously dented my riding capacity!!! The encasement pectoral muscles seem to be involved which meant every step of sitting trot is excruciatingly painful. Being stacked in the bust department is never wonderful in dressage….but what amounts to {no snickering, guys!} a sprained left boob  is a disaster!

Tomorrow I will attempt riding in two industrial strength bras and if necessary, vet tape….I’ll let you know how it goes!

 BTW, there was a small silver lining! Do you know that if you have a horse totally on your aids and with sufficient impulsion, there is no bouncing in piaffe? Piaffe and the transitions out to Passage were the only movements I could pull off with zero pain! Even the walk on a long rein hurt!

On the other hand, maybe it was just the endorphins from riding piaffe masking the pain…