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Brought Callista and Rafi over to the show grounds late this afternoon.  Arie and Cathy’s BeSe will come over tomorrow. Kassie is competing BeSe in the Brentina cup on Saturday and in the Grand Prix on Sunday. Nothing like an amazing 21-year-old to really make you realize how much you don’t know about riding yet!! Keeps one rather humble!

I rode Rafi this morning and had some amazing moments! The seat, the seat, THE SEAT….I was amazed at what I could do when I really accessed her back with my back and seatbones!  Of course, it’s very crude just now and I need to build up the amount of time I can keep this new posture of mine….but I think I know where it is and will be able to find my way there again tomorrow!

Today was the first time that I was actually a little happy that I wasn’t competing. This is such a crucial part of the missing ingredients of my riding. I am and have been all this last week or so experimenting with engaging my neutral pelvis…I tend to rotate it back….can you say bubble butt?….My lower back wants to arch and I have to literally re-align it all the time…very tiring as 58 years of not having a neutral pelvis is warring with the last 3 weeks of my insisting that it MUST be neutral and aligned. I think I’m winning the battle….will keep you posted about the war…

I am getting pay-off! I noticed today as I wandered around the show grounds that I was walking with better alignment and felt taller…a very happy illusion!

It is work though, in the saddle…engage the pelvis, yet don’t grip with the gluteous as I rotate it forward…here is the hard part: maintain the neutrality with open hips, lengthening hip flexors without tightening the glutes or grabbing with my quads or allowing my knees to drift forward into chair seat, heels down, toes forward, don’t grip with those thighs!…. At the same time: sit tall, use my abs, drop the shoulders, eyes front, half halt through the core….not the arm or wrist….keep all these without tension! If I’m stiff, the horse will be too…. allow the horse to channel her back through me uninterrupted back to front….send her forward, up and out through the seat….oh, and by the way….all my aids have to be independent from one another…..

No wonder I need a nap when I get home!

Callista goes into her first Third Level class tomorrow. She was just smokin’ today in the warmup! She’s getting more engagement than ever from behind and her neck and shoulders are so supple, so uphill…..her extended gaits and her collected canter were just stellar today. Hope Cathy can get the same stuff tomorrow in the test!

Can’t wait until Arie arrives at the show tomorrow…I’m feeling like he’s going to be a really good boy!