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Tomorrow I will school Rafi lightly and see where she is…..and I think I will take her with us to the show. Not to compete but to school! I’ve already paid for her stall, shavings and what not, so at least the money won’t totally go down the drain….

It’s always good for me to go somewhere with the horses. I confess I’m not much of a trail rider….a ten minute walk and I’m done! But I do need, and I KNOW the horses need, to get out of the ring or, at least, just go somewhere else to be worked! So we’ll tag along with everyone and have an almost show experience.

Arie is looking really good!  He’s starting to understand that he needs to reach out of his withers with his neck for the bit. His throat latch is opening up, and in the cool down particularly, his nose actually comes in front of the vertical occasionally. He still has a long way to go in understanding the rudiments of self carriage and balance though. Based on the new video I found of him around the time he was imported to the US, it would appear that the then owners were “packaging” him into a more advanced frame to help get a sale! The people I bought him from seemed to have been “undoing” a lot of that artificial roundness that the Europeans seem to like to sell to we Americans!

Kassie gives him opportunities in the trot and canter to carry himself and to the right {his weaker side} he really gets clumsy still….and he’s looking to the rider to hold him up…His relaxation is improving and wow, he really has a huge stride! Good thing he’s comfortable! Fortunately he couldn’t have been ridden for too long in the “FEI Prospect” mode….and he’s very smart. I am very confident that he’ll get it! Once he begins truly working through his back, I think he’s going to be a very exciting horse!!!

Today I thought Callista was struggling a bit with the increased collection demands she’s been under. Three-Three is really the beginning of the upper levels to my mind with the canter half pass, extended gaits and the required collection overall. On the other hand, when Cathy ran the test, everything went really well……Think I want to book a massage for my good girl next week!

I have high hopes for my horses this show….Arie’s only requirement is to trailer well, behave and reach a modicum of relaxation in the strange place. Callista  is doing her first time at Third….hoping she’s comfortable and ends up in the middle of the pack with her scores. Rafi and I will school and have fun….Hope the weather is warm and sunny…..

So, I’m still disappointed to not be showing….but, there is still a lot to look forward to this weekend. And next week, I’ll be getting back to show mode again for myself…