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“It is a truth universally acknowledged….,” that events will always conspire to keep one out of the show ring…Yep, all my angst was for naught…I am not showing this weekend. Rafi is off….we’re giving her a few days rest and then a couple of light work days….and I don’t feel comfortable doing my third level without practicing it, ON the horse. Thank the gods that I’m in Florida and there is another show the second week of February!

So thank you everyone for all your supportive statements as I sweated out my readiness. I am trying to be a good sport {something, thanks to horses, I am actually mastering!} but having arrived at a decision TO compete, I am now rather pissed that it’s been taken out of my hands. And it didn’t feel so wonderful having the people around me saying things like, “It’s probably for the best!”  and “Good, you can work on your seat more!”

Don’t get me wrong!  They were more than likely said in the spirit of helpfulness! But you know, my inner child would have appreciated someone saying, “Oh, that’s too bad!” or “This blows!” No, everyone was very cheerful about the outcome….which makes me wonder how bad I really looked!

Okay…rant over….or at least, it’s over for this post. And another show is coming….and I have more time to prep for it…..etc.,etc…

But why do I really want to find a corner and weep in self-pity????