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video camera still cranking away….

I went through Third One today….while I had some moments of combining sufficient collection with sufficient impulsion, I gotta say: “I may have this sucker memorized but it ain’t ready to be seen in public!”

I wonder if everyone goes through this, “now I’m riding the test” nonsense. It’s as if as soon as the trainer says, “turn down the centerline and run the test,” you totally revert to all bad habits! WHAT IS THAT???

I had just had a great school…plenty of improvement just from yesterday. We worked on a fun counter-canter exercise, Rafi was lovely in my hand and active behind…..and then, WHAM, we were running the test and it all evaporated. Well, maybe not everything, but a lot. It was a battle to get the test out….and the final extended trot never really materialized.

Back to the drawing board

Arie had two good relaxed rides in a row. I’m hoping to get on him if he continues like this….he’s settling nicely and is less “up” in the cross ties. We’re having some discussion at the mounting block. Everytime Kassie {working student} climbs up on the block,  Arie swings out and backs up to meet her. We’ve decided that he must have been coaxed with sugar and expects some every time the rider climbs on! We don’t dare give him any as he is all over everyone as it is!

I swear he’s already grown some…wouldn’t surprise me if he finished out around 17.2…he’s very tall! Ordered his saddle today. I love getting new tack!!! I ride in Verhan saddles…love them!

Callista will be showing Third 3 at the next show….her collection is getting better all the time and her lateral work is finally getting pretty good. I’ve been riding her for longer periods now and she trusts me so much more than ever….she’s tricky…you have to be quick, in and out with the half halts, or she becomes tremendously irritated with the rider….

My horses are teaching me so much just now….what am I saying? They are ALWAYS teaching me!