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Well, Cathy my trainer has been videoing me all week on Rafi….she says there’s nothing like video to make you see what you are really riding like….

Man, she is so right! I’m hating it but I am watching….will watch again tonight before I go to sleep. I’m looking for clues and the smaller nuances that can help me improve my seat ever more…Today I went to the gym after riding. My trainer there thought there was something the matter as I must have had a puss on! I explained that nothing was wrong….this is my “game” face! Game on about fixing some of the disasters I saw on the video! So I told her about today’s riding experience…

I had a real discovery. Those who have done Pilates may get a glimpse of what I’m talking about. As I’ve said in other posts, I have a short, strong, sturdy back…I’m powerful in the gluteous and hamstrings…but I’m quite tight in the hip flexors and like many women, I struggle with tight hips in the saddle. But this morning I had a lightbulb moment in my trot work. I’m not sure if I simply got tired of stretching up, or if it was the temperature actually getting above 50 and there was no wind with plenty of sunshine, allowing some of my stiffness to loosen up. Whatever it was, I stretched up, managed to keep my shoulders down and tilted my pelvis into a more neutral position than usual while really insisting on lengthening those hip flexors and suddenly Rafi and I met in the middle and we both in another place…her collection and activity behind were greater  and her shoulders and neck came up and out. And I was stiller and quieter yet very effective with my aids.

Wow….couldn’t keep it very long as the top of my quads were burning as well as the opposing muscles of my hamstrings offered to cramp up. And was the camera on in that particular moment? No, of course not.

But I’m running with this. At the gym, with the game face, I explained pretty well to my trainer what was going on. We worked a half hour with various stretches, balances and core work to invite my quads and hip flexors to join the party!

She couldn’t believe how tight I am in the flexors…..and I am ALWAYS stretching them!

This is great and useful info, though…and I am off and running with another piece of the puzzle..