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Just checking in….got my run in, did my abs, and have added push ups to the morning schedule before I ride….it is FREEZING here in Florida! Who turned that big ole furnace off? It was like running in NY this morning!

Rafi and I had a great ride this morning….she wants to lean on the left rein but I persisted with those ever quicker half halts and eventually got her through and nicely uphill. Did some of our best canter work! My timing is improving, evidenced by good soft half halts and her connecting with my seat throughout the canter. Used both the walk pirouette and the piaffe to get the collection…nice canter departs after both these exercises! Such a good girl…we may yet put in a good third level test at the end of the month.

Tomorrow, I want to spend longer spells cantering…there’s a lot of canter in third level! Before we start practicing the flying changes, I want a better response to the slowing and speeding up within the gait. It’s easy for Rafi to get very long if I don’t really keep her active behind! And I need to practice keeping her together for longer periods of time!

Callista was still a bit sore, so I didn’t get on today but will tomorrow.

Arie was higher than a kite. We have a new horse in the barn, Arie’s’s freshly clipped, had Sunday off, the wind was blowing and it was damned cold! Hmmmm, first he broke through the cross ties as we were saddling him…sending my saddle flying. Next he wouldn’t stand still at the mounting block, causing Kassie to make a flying leap into the saddle….and off they went to the ring with a hump in his back, tail and neck in the air…..relaxing him was the priority! He attempted a small capriole but then just kept cantering in place, rocking fore and aft…Kassie sat him out quietly. Seemed to last forever but eventually he went forward and after several laps began to give in to Kassie and she could lower his neck and let the reins lengthen. It was exemplary young horse riding on her part and makes me very happy to have opted to have the support of both my trainer and this brave and gifted rider to give Arie a good start!

The equine dentist was here too….at first I thought Arie would never stand still for him….but he kind of thought the rasp was a big game….funny watching him trying to play with the dentist  the whole time. I wonder what horses make of these experiences? Once Arie settled down, he had the most quizzical look in his eye as he tried to watch what the dentist was up to…

It’s the kind of day I love..lots of adventures at the barn, a good ride, got my planned exercise in, nice dinner with my husband, good food choices through the day…yeah, I could get to liking Mondays…