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Tonight the house is quiet. All our holiday company left yesterday! It was good to see everyone but even better to see them leave.

 Callous, aren’t I?

Dinner with my good friend MaryBeth and her husband last night. I think horse friends are the best. MaryBeth went with me to try Aramo despite suffering a concussion. A few days ago her young horse arrived from Upstate NY for the season. He was quite fresh for their first ride down here at the new barn, took off bucking around the arena, dumping her in front of her new trainer. Not an auspicious start! She was pretty banged up. At dinner her neck was so stiff she couldn’t turn it without twisting her entire torso!

This morning she was off to ride him again…..aaaah to have her youth and her courage. The downside of being a  baby booming adult amateur? The certainty that you ARE mortal and that falling definitely hurts…for a long time afterward! This definitely cramps one’s style a bit!

Today my trainer Cathy, her husband, our working student Kassie, and her good friend Caitlin {another young rider } came for pasta, wine and horse DVDs. This is MY kind of entertaining. We watched the 2009 World Cup before dinner with Cathy commenting  on all the rides and part One of the Balkenhol Trilogy, From Foal to Grand Prix…..we could have watched all night! But another student and horse were arriving at the barn for the season and Cathy wanted to be there to greet them and get the horse settled.

Such an inspirational pair of dinners! Full of constructive conversation…It sets me right up for tomorrow. Finally I feel like I’m into the ideal schedule I’ve been planning for. This how I want to structure my weeks:


30 minute run, stretch and abs

ride Rafi, Callista and pop on Arie to do the cool down, as we all need to just get to know him in a calm, safe manner!


45 minute elliptical

same riding plan

late afternoon…weight train and stretch at the gym for one hour with my trainer Di


run…shoot for 45 minutes, stretch and abs

ride my three!


30 min elliptical


train at gym for an hour


30 min run, stretch, abs

ride my three


choice of elliptical or run, stretch, abs

ride my three



Naturally, I’ll vary the amount of cardio as I get into it…but it’s heaven to contemplate this schedule. It’s ideal. But I have to get after my food again. The holidays have really gotten me off track…..suggestions from passers-by about diet always welcome here!