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Kassie Barteau: Aramo's First Ride in Florida

Company is gone, the Twelfth day of Christmas nearly here…which means undecorating the house…New Year’s came and went without a big bang….Thank you very much… and now comes MY Time!

Having the opportunity and privilege of riding in Florida all winter is something I never take for granted. So I get to the horses just about everyday. Yesterday my trainer told me to enter in the show at Jim Brandon the third weekend in January. I’m taking Rafi Third Level Test One. I’m feeling the pressure. This will be the most advanced that I have ever competed! I’m excited to push the envelope but I DO like to put in a respectable test! I like to believe I’m ready to take the step. Rafi, of course, is miles ahead of me in prep, but I still have to extract the ride from her!  Hope anyone reading this will wish me luck….

Aramo, the Christmas Horse, has settled in nicely. The first day he was bit up in the turnout but nothing extraordinary! He kicked his heels up, galloped and passaged about and was intensely curious…but still very sensible..On the second day, I put Kassie {our working student} up on him and she put in a lovely ride…

Don’t have a great shot of me, alas…no one to man the camera at the moment!  But he was so good…looking around a bit! But such great body language. He does need some ground manners….but we’re teaching him about not space invading and to keep his mouth OFF the humans thank you…but he’s lovely!

Not much really to say about training…it’s twenty minutes a day walk, trot, caanter…staying obedient and encouraging the connection to the bit. But he will go to the show in 3 weeks too! Not to compete but to school and give me an opportunity to see how he trailers and deals with strange environments.

Aramo under tack!

Callista will do her first Third level test…we debated skipping as she is doing everything at Fourth Level beautifully…but she’s coming 8 and I want to bring her along slowly. Cathy, my trainer, will compete her in Test 3….She’s looking beautiful, coming more and more honestly through her back all the time…I so look forward to showing her someday!

Off to dinner with friends…