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I am happy to report the Christmas Horse has passed the drug exam….just waiting on Coggins, health certificate and what ever else the blood test may tell me. Am arranging the wire transfer in the morning….the push is on for the stall and the transport!!!

We’re going to stay now in NY through Christmas Eve….we’ll finish digging  out tomorrow<I hope> but we figure there will be incredible traffic now going south. So we will leave Christmas Day. Of course, company will show up for the week on the 27th, so any riding plans are pretty much wishful thinking on my part…but who knows? I may get lucky!

Talked to one of the working students who was raving about how good my girls were going…I was speechless with jealousy…I so want to be there!

I’m sleepy tonight so I’m cutting this short. Hope that tomorrow night I can report that the new horse is mine…